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Victorian Cottage

The Victorian Cottage is an example of Carpenter Gothic architecture and was built in 1888.The original gardens of the cottage were drawn up by the late landscape designer Thomas Kane. His belief was to keep the grounds true to that of a Victorian era cottage. 

Originally the cottage was built as a gardener's quarter's and tool storage to service the large homes around the Fairfield Town Green. After many years and renovations, it served as a residence for private members of the Rolfe family. 

The Victorian Cottage's use has evolved over the years, particularly after it was purchased by the Town of Fairfield from the Rolfe family in 1978. Today, the cottage is home to an interactive Children's exhibit as part of the Fairfield History and Museum Center's educational programs. 

The Greens Farms Garden Club has proudly planted and maintained the garden since 1987. 
It has been an important commitment of our club's civic duty to work with the Fairfield public works department to enhance and care for these beautiful gardens. Thank you to all our members that diligently work to beautify our town. 

Today, we are so proud to celebrate our 90th anniversary with this special tree planting, proclamation, and plaque dedication. 

Greens Farms Garden Club receive the award:
CONNECTICUT ARBOREAL AWARDS Established in 1984, this award may be presented for an outstanding Arbor Day or tree-planting project.

Medium Club (Membership 30 to 59)
Greens Farms Garden Club celebrated their “Notable 90th Anniversary” by planting a Nyssa Sylvatica ‘Black Tupelo’, at the Victorian Cottage in Fairfield. The gardens were originally drawn by noted landscape designer, Thomas Kane, and have been proudly maintained by the club since 1987. They also planted ten additional trees on Arbor Day.
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