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Community Service

     The Greens Farms Garden Club works to support and engage with our communities.  Our initiatives provide members with many ways to positively impact the community while also offering opportunities to achieve personal growth, education and pride in the services we provide. 

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We Proudly Serve Our Community

Greens Farms Garden Club Initiatives

  • Maintain gardens at Victorian Cottage, Fairfield.  (Click Here)

  • Maintain atrium garden at Earthplace, Westport.  (Click Here)

  • Organize and conduct garden therapy activities at STAR, Inc., Norwalk.  (Click Here)

  • Create and donate 20+ holiday wreaths to local organizations, Fairfield County.  (Click Here)

  • Donate non-perishable goods to local food banks, Fairfield County.

  • Provide financial contributions to organizations involved in making a positive impact.

  • Participate in Westport Green Day Beautification Project.

  • Offer locally grown perennials at affordable prices through our annual Plant Sale.  (Click Here)

  • Growing for Good: Growing and donating fresh organic vegetables to people in need.  (Click Here)

The Greens Farms Garden Club supports these philanthropic organizations.

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