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Healing Therapy

         STAR, Inc. was established in 1952 by parents who believed that children with development disabilities were entitled to the same basic opportunities in their home community as other children. Today, STAR, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that has grown to serve over 500 infants, children and adults as well as providing support services to their families.  They create opportunities for individuals to live full lives with independence, freedom of choice and personal growth by providing support services and advocacy.

         To this end, Greens Farms Garden Club (GFGC) began working with STAR in 2006 to share the well documented positive benefits of gardening.  Garden Therapy, also known as Horticulture Therapy, has gained credibility and acceptance for a wide range of benefits.  Some of these include improving socialization and problem-solving skills, following directions, working independently and increased self-confidence. 


         GFGC members volunteer at STAR’s building in Norwalk, CT.  Our members organize and conduct a two-hour workshop quarterly that focuses on outdoor beautification projects on the grounds, supplying all of the plants and supplies needed.  We also plan and guide the gardeners to complete a garden-related craft project.  On average, 12-15 STAR participants attend. 

         STAR workshops are highly anticipated events by GFGC members and are well attended.  Our members enjoyment and sense of accomplishment is only surpassed by the laughter, pride and fun the STAR gardeners share with us.

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