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A Rainy but Successful Finish

Sharon and Mary Ann.png

          We were ready for our 2023 Plant Sale, arriving at the Sherman Green with over 600 plants, a few more tents than usual, rain gear and some trepidation over whether people would come out in the rain.  Much to our relief, they did and we had a wonderful event!  Members provided excellent service in spite of the weather, helping with plant selections, offering wagons for shopping and escorting customers to their cars to help load up their purchases.  Our early finish gave us all a moment to look around the Green and see what had been accomplished.  Little inventory left with a feeling of accomplishment ----while we stood soaking wet.  A job very well done! 

          The Plant Sale is our primary fundraiser, providing funds to supplement our operating budget along with giving us the opportunity to support other  organizations/programs that align with our mission.

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