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A portion of the proceeds from our 2022 Annual Plant Sale have been donated to the following charities:


Aspetuck Land Trust

Aspetuck Land Trust's mission is the preservation and conservation of open space, including farm and forest land, and the natural resources in Easton, Weston, Fairfield, & Westport, for the benefit and education of the public.


CT Audubon Society

The CT Audubon Society conserves CT’s environment through science-based education and advocacy focused on the state’s bird populations and habitats.  Ct Audubon Society manages 20 wildlife sanctuaries encompassing 3,300 acres of open space in CT & educating 100,000 children & adults annually.

CT Audubon Society/Birdcraft Museum

CT Audubon Society/Birdcraft Museum is the first private bird sanctuary in the U.S. and a National Historic Landmark.  This 6-acre site is a refuge to attract, harbor, and feed migratory and resident birds with over 120 species recorded on its grounds.  The museum offers premier natural history education programs and events for children and adults. 

CT Beekeepers Association

CT Beekeepers Association’s purpose is to increase public awareness of the importance of honey bees for Connecticut’s agriculture and the environment.

CT Farmland Trust

Founded in 2002 with a mission to protect as much of Connecticut’s vanishing farmland as possible.  CFT has saved 41 family farms & over 3,000 acres of farmland.


Earthplace is committed to building passion and respect for the natural world and a more sustainable future for our community.


Federated - Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy is geared to those with developmental disabilities, dementia, vision and hearing impairment, physical limitations, and more. Rhythmic tasks like planting, weeding, and harvesting are stress-relieving, provide a sense of accomplishment, promote social connection through teamwork, and facilitate a good night's sleep.  

Federated- Scholarship Fund

Since 1982, the Federated Garden Clubs of CT awards scholarships to CT students majoring in one of the following fields:  Agronomy, Botany, City Planning, Conservation, Environmental Studies, Horticulture, Forestry, Horticulture, Land Management, Landscape Design, Plant Pathology, or allied subject. 


nOURish Bridgeport

nOURish BRIDGEPORT (capitalization intentional) is a food-centered, volunteer-powered, community-anchored 501c3 bringing hope to Bridgeport through direct service programs. nOURish provides thousands of neighbors weekly with groceries from their food pantry, formula & diapers from their baby center, hot Meals from their soup kitchen, education from their ESL classes.  They recently opened the first non-profit hydroponic farm in Connecticut to be able to provide fresh product year round.



STAR, Inc serves individuals of all ages who have developmental disabilities and provides support services to their families.  Star’s goal is the inclusion of all individuals with disabilities in their community.

Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center

The Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center is an organic demonstration homestead open to the public. The Farm is a model facility created to educate the community with local healthy food production, responsible land stewardship, sustainable practices and community service orientation.

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