History of Events from 2022 - 2023

Wednesday, October 26
Fun and successful day.
Congratulations to Wynn for Tribute Award in Civic Development.  Dina and I scored a Certificate of Merit for Newsletters and Social Media, respectively.


Monthly Meeting this month was fantastic!
nOURish Bridgport 's Indoor Hydroponic Farm
This Farm is housed in a 5000 sq ft warehouse, with the growing equivalent of 6 acres of land.  The produce grown (year - round) will be distributed to local food pantries, farmers markets, and eventually for commercial use.

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Happy BD Kathy.png
Happy BD Kathy!

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

I would like to hold our Fall clean up of the Victorian Cottage gardens next Thursday, October 20th from 10-11:30am.  There isn’t very much to do in the Fall, just tidying up for the Winter.

Please bring your gloves, rake and/or pruners and I will also bring tarps and plenty of sunshine.  Come and see our two beautiful plaques that are embedded in one of the garden stones!

I’d like to send special thanks to Kate for sending this out to the membership, as it is such short notice.  I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday for some fun digging in the dirt!!

Many Thanks,

Ann W.

Wintering for Spring Plant Sale

October 13th morning

If your name is Dina, you must have a knack for spotting a garden club opportunity!

    -  First Dina Spaidal brought us our first dig of the season by thinking of the Plant Sale when she knew a house in New Canaan was being demolished.  That dig brought us a great variety of perennials and shrubs.

    -  Then Dina Schmidt recently noticed knock-out roses and grasses being dug up when she was golfing.  Never shy, she asked if she could take them.  Next thing you know we had several rose bushes and plenty of grasses to add to the inventory.


Thanks to both of these industrious GFGC Members for their work in kicking off our collection of plants for the 2023 Plant Sale!


Most of the plants are already in the ground for the winter, thanks to the great help we received from Jude Smith and Karen O’Connor at our session on October 13th.  A small group with plenty of energy! 


Please join us on Tuesday, October 18th , from 10:30-12:30 at Jacque’s Nursery to complete the winterizing.

We’ll complete getting the much smaller group of remaining potted plants in the ground.

Call Sharon or Mary Ann if you can join us.  Signup coming soon.

     On Thursday October 13th, seven members of the GFGC teamed with 7 members of 🌟Star’s Garden Club.  In spite of the rain, together, we planted 4 railing boxes, 4 large planters and decked the atrium with mums. 


     ⭐️Star is celebrating their 70th Anniversary with a BIG EVENT at this headquarters - 182 Wolfpit Ave in  Norwalk.

Everyone is invited to attend: 

Sunday Oct 16th, 1-4.


     Every season we replant the railing boxes, large planters.  In the FALL we install our much loved Scarecrow with his bail of hay, pumpkins and mums.  We dug a gorgeous SAGE plant from our St Tim’s garden and replanted it next to our scarecrow along with a knobby pumpkin from Prospect Garden.

     A thousand thanks to Chris for spearheading this wonderful STAR workshop!

Jane Guenther

Thank you so much to the ladies, Kate, Chris, Ann and Cindy, Barbara and Kathy who helped out Tuesday morning, October 11th.  St. Tim's Garden is ready for winter.   We are grateful.
Jude & Carol